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The archaeologist is a free-spirited woman, thriving on the notion that everything she spies buried deep in the ground has been strategically placed by a culture of antiquity. She relishes in the scent of earth, just like children relish in building sandcastles. Every artifact unearthed is the inspiration of a new and untold tale of the days of yore. This soothes her. Only a person truly confident that a life lived with passion and intrigue will be enough to make them happy has the proper disposition to excavate.

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{ wear }

{ wear }

I'm a HFB

Happy Record Store Day, everyone! 

I hope all of you who took part in this lovely day got your hands on exactly what you wanted. I know I did. Well, for the most part. 

The Brits had access to something I wanted, dearly [Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Songs from the Great White North 12” White vinyl]— BUT, at least I got my exclusive copy of The Black Keys’ El Camino and whatever it was that Bruce Springsteen came out with. [Though, that one’s for my uncle in Germany. HUGE Springsteen fan.]

I also got my RSD t-shirt, which I’m wearing now. Isn’t it great? :} 

It wasn’t as hot this year. Thank goodness, or else I’d probably have murdered half the queue before we were even half way through. But my chest cold did get infinitely worse, so now I’ll leave you lovely people and comfort myself with more Downton Abbey.

Much Love!


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