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The archaeologist is a free-spirited woman, thriving on the notion that everything she spies buried deep in the ground has been strategically placed by a culture of antiquity. She relishes in the scent of earth, just like children relish in building sandcastles. Every artifact unearthed is the inspiration of a new and untold tale of the days of yore. This soothes her. Only a person truly confident that a life lived with passion and intrigue will be enough to make them happy has the proper disposition to excavate.

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I'm a HFB
About to watch Frankenstein [BC as Creature Version] for the last time.

I hope to god all of you sitting in this theatre have sense, but on the off chance you’re severely lacking in that department, here’s a reminder: The SPECIAL Hell is “A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.” I would just like to say good bye to this brilliant, brilliant play without being constantly overwhelmed and annoyed by incessant fangirling over Benedict Cumberbatch’s ass or whatever. His merit lies in greater attributes than his form.

  1. theperpetuallyunpackingsuitcase said: You could always tell them that “the rest is just transport”. ;) And have fun! I think you’ll definitely have seen it enough times to make up for my not having been able to. :)
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    Both men are such amazing actors that it’s a pity people reduce the play to nothing other than Benedict’s behind.
  3. cleoselene said: Jealous! Have fun.
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